Wakonsa Bridge Des Moines Stock Footage

The Wakonsa Bridge over the Des Moines River in Des Moines, Iowa was built in 1905 as an electric trolly bridge servicing the Des Moines area from Northern Des Moines to Downtown. Now, this bridge serves as a pedestrian bridge for the Inter-Urban recreational trail.

Filmed on an unseasonably warm February evening, the drone footage starts low, close the calm water of the Des Moines River, and flies South, elevating over the Wakonsa Bridge with a view of the Des Moines downtown skyline and the Iowa State Capitol Building.  Look closely and you can see pedestrians and cyclists using the bike path.

Another pass focuses on the bridge structure itself and follows a father and child riding bikes over the bridge. The footage ends with a higher elevation fly-over of the bridge, over the trees, showing more of the Downtown Des Moines view.

On the middle of the bridge is a plaque talking about the history of the bridge, reading:

The Inter-Urban Railway built this bridge in 1905 for $50,000 to carry passengers from downtown Des Moines to Camp Dodge, Granger, and Perry.

The electric trolley also stopped at the bridge, serving a Des Moines River residential area known as Wakonsa Park. Passenger service over the bridge ended September 28, 1949. The track was converted to accomodate diesel engines used for freight traffic until 1983.

It took a decade of work by neighborhood residents and the City of Des Moines to acquire the land and money to convert this former trolley line to a multi-purpose trail.

Dedicated September 19, 1999, by the Beaverdale Neighborhood Association Inter-Urban Trail Committee in appreciation of all who helped make this trail possible.

Stock Footage Available

Video Quality 4K (4096×2160) 60fps
d-log color profile (color graded version available)
 Total Footage Available Approx. 12 min
 Audio Track  None
 Camera  DJI Phantom 4 Professional
Film Date/Time  2/27/2018 5:30 PM CST

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