Real Estate Video West Des Moines: 6165 Brookview Drive

We recently created this real estate video for Sue Hudson to market this two story West Des Moines House. It is located just off of Ashworth and 60th. While the entire house is nicely updated, the walk-in shower and bath attached to the master bedroom impressed me the most.

We also highlighted the updated kitchen in this real estate video. The kitchen opens to the living room and beautiful dining room, which looks out over the professionally landscaped yard.

Aerial video clips from a drone helps to add context for the location and surrounding area. The aerial video also works as a transition from the front of the property to the back.

We have created other real estate videos as a slideshow of real estate photography. Recent camera stabilization technology has allowed us to get much smoother motion. We can walk through the house with the camera and maintain steady footage. This gives a feel for how the house flows from room to room and engages better with the audience.

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