Aerial Farm Photography – Dallas Center, Iowa

Aerial farm photography traditionally has been done by pilots flying over farms at fairly high altitudes, photographing without any planning or even contacting the property owners. They usually will show up at the front door (equally un-announced) to hard-sell the photo that they took.

But now with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, or “Drones”) photographers are able to place a camera exactly where they want in the air, lower, slower, and more deliberately than can be done with a manned airplane. Manned aircraft needs to be at least 500 feet above the ground, whereas a photographer with a drone can be 0 – 400 feet from the ground. This means that your aerial photography can be done with an artistic view, not just a pilot’s view.

Higher altitude photography flattens the subject, making it look more like it was from Google Earth than in real life. By positioning the camera lower, the photographer can also get better lighting and backgrounds, like with this session.

View of an Iowa farm as seen from above rows of corn
Aerial Photography from a drone can get angles that would be impossible from a manned airplane

This family farm near Dallas Center Iowa has had aerial photographs in the past, but it was always done by airplane. The owners contacted us to create an aerial photo of their farm to have in their house. I was able to plan the UAS flight near sunset to capture the beautiful lighting and the Central Iowa landscape. It was important to the family to have the aerial photography done before harvest, both to photograph the crops at their fullest and before they get busy harvesting.

If you are looking for aerial farm photography, this time of year – late summer – is a perfect time to get it done. Contact us to get it scheduled soon!

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